photo of yen shu yie

yen shu yie

Partner for Taipei + Shanghai Office

Shu Yie is the founder and Managing Director of GCD International Taipei and has been a member with the 3 Design Asia Group of companies since 2006. With more than 25 years of experience in the Interior Design and Project Management sector, she has tremendous experiences in both Design & Project planning and Budget control in the interior design industry. Her great exposure has earned Shu Yie recognition as a well-respected industry leader in the Taipei design industry. Since joining the Group, her vast experiences coupled with her management skill sets and positive mindset has brought to the group a different and valuable perspective in both Creative and Management philosophy. Shu Yie is responsible in managing the Group's Hospitality projects and is currently spearheading the expansion of the business in Greater Chia for both Commercial and Hospitality Design planning projects.