Managing Director / Founder, Patrick Chong

founder message

patrick chong


Everything man-made in this world comes in a form of design but few are actually well designed. People tend to ignore design that does nothing for them. Great design speaks volume. Great design is about how it makes you feel as much as how it looks.

It is my mission to constantly motivate my team to understand both the elements and principles of design. Great design is a renaissance attitude to produce a belief that the world did not know it was missing. If we create great design, it will bond culture, where culture shapes values and values determine our existence.

I believe great design sets an opportunity for an endless journey by making yesterday meets tomorrow and the continuous desire to make a better and more comfortable world for ourselves is evidenced through how we organize the spaces that we work, live and play. I will continue to believe in this fundamental approach of a balanced harmony that I know to be "Work, Live and Play".